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Digital theatrical film mastering, marketing and distribution

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Marketing assets

We like to offer a wide range of marketing accets to all our clients sutch as Postcards, Flyers, Standees, Banners, T-shirts ect. All of these marketing assets can be printed, stored, packed and despatched as per the client’s instructions.

Please contact us to discuss the most cost-effective methods of logistics for delivery of your promotional items.

Printing, Fulfilment and Delivery

The most popular service we offer is the printing, storage, fulfilment and deferred delivery service of marketing assets to cinemas across the UK and Ireland. Send us your site list and we do the rest – simple!

For exsample the desired number of posters are rolled and packed into tubes and a bar code tracking label is applied to the package and despatched. DCW receive delivery notification for all consignments and action any delivery where a delay has been notified.

  • All orders received by 4pm will be despatched that same evening and closely tracked to ensure delivery.
  • Any quads left over will be stored free of charge for four months and then will either be recycled for no further charge or more options will be discussed such as further storage or having them sent directly to you.
  • DCW offer very competitive rates for either a next day delivery or a 2-3 day delivery service.

Fulfilment Services

DCW has extensive experience in collating a variety of items, re-packing as per instruction and delivering the completed “Goodie Bags” in large numbers to a single delivery point or numerous recipients across the UK and beyond.

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