What We Do.

Digital Cinema Worldwide Ltd is a digital theatrical film mastering, marketing and distribution business that specialises in event cinema and independent film releases. Now with over 20 years of experience within this niche market place, we work directly and closely with distributors, producers, rights holders and printers, offering a complete, yet bespoke service. With our reputable knowledge and expertise in theatrical release in this digital age of cinema, we look to develop a close working partnership with our clients, and consequently may advise on more cost-effective methods of logistics and delivering content to cinemas across the UK, Europe and Africa.

DCW has decades of experience within the UK theatrical cinema space, giving us unparalleled expertise within the world of digital cinema. Today, our services to distributors and producers go far wider, encompassing mastering, localisation and GFX work on feature films for the latest cinema releases across the UK and beyond. As well as trailer and DCP content delivery using our specialised cloud based broadband and courier solutions, together with an industry-leading KDM management platform using QMP, and unrivalled technical consultancy. Our latest development aims to bring the distribution and exhibition worlds closer together through our dynamic content platform: Qubewire.

DCW creates numerous of DCPs every year for a wide range of clients ranging from major UK distributors to independent producers and filmmakers. Whether your title is a box office blockbuster or a student film project, all our work is undertaken with the same degree of care and professionalism.