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Digital theatrical film mastering, marketing and distribution

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DCP Delivery

DCW provides distribution of digital media worldwide. We ensure that your DCP’s are delivered on time and function as expected. We can also ensure the security of your content through DCP encryption and KDMs. By working with one of the largest digital cinema companies, this ensures that the KDMs generated work in harmony with your local servers, with the global database being updated continually.


  • Send us your source files, trailer or feature
  • DCW master files in to DCP format
  • DCW book screening with BBFC or IFCO if required
  • DCW receive black card from BBFC or IFCO, master to DCP format and add to feature master DCP
  • DCW discuss and agree with client the optimum number of DCP’s required on CRU hard disk drive. (no minimum quantity)
  • DCW duplicate feature on to hard disk drives and despatch to cinemas based on distributor release dates.
  • DCW will service all subsequent screenings via over night cross-over providing complete transparency to clients via Google Sheets.

Digital Delivery

Once your digital content has been uploaded to the DCW FTP site we are able to forward a link for you to unzip and download the files at your leisure.

If the file is too large to be downloaded or your bandwidth is too low for the files to be downloaded in sufficient time, we will create a physical hard drive and deliver it to your premises.

Recent Projects