Mastering Services



We offer affordable, high-quality, and fully DCI compliant mastering of digital cinema packages for major media distributors, independent filmmakers, alternative content providers, and exhibitors. We handle the end-to-end conversion of your media files into DCP.

Formats, frame RATES and ASPECT ratio

Our preferred format for delivery of films to our facility is ProRes 422 HQ, but we can accept just about any format without incurring extra charges, including: DNxHD, DCDM, image sequence (DNxHD, TIFF, PNG, etc). If your content is on tape, contact us for a conversion quote.

The DCI spec requires DCPs to be at least 1080p HD in size and run at either 24fps or 48fps (HFR). If your master is not at either of these rates, it will need to be converted or re-timed. When we receive your media we will inspect it and inform you of any special requirements before we proceed.




If your DCP needs subtitling, the DCI spec provides a means to avoid the headache of burned-in subtitles. Subtitles in DCPs can be turned on or off as needed, and multiple languages can be shipped together in one DCP thereby reducing distribution and storage costs.

If you already have subtitle files, we can add them to your DCP. If your film needs translation and subtitle files created, contact us for a quote. We work directly with the industry-leading provider of subtitles and translation services.